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18 November 2020 - 4 December 2020
Virtual, United States
Automotive Tech Days USA 2020

1. Register

Click the "Register now" button on the right and follow the registration steps. Once your registration has been approved, you will receive regular updates in regards to the next steps. 

Note: To make sure that you really receive all relevant information to this event, it is important to name a valid e-mail address within the registration process which you regularly check.

2. Create your business profile 

Your business profile will be visible to all participants. The more information you disclose on your profile the easier it will be for other participants to identify you as a potential business partner. You can edit your profile at any time leading up to the event.

3. Book 1:1 meetings

You will be informed by email when you can start booking bilateral meetings. Check which cooperation profiles are most promising and send meeting requests according to your schedule and their availability.

4. Prepare |  One day before the event

Technical preparation

  • IMPORTANT: Please make sure you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser, we have some display issues with Internet Explorer.
  • Check your audio quality, we highly recommend using a headset
    • Use a good webcam to improve the image quality
    • Avoid connecting via your phone and use a reliable high-speed WIFI connection
    • Consider cutting your video, in case of broadband issues

    Your schedule

    • You will receive your meeting schedule a few days before the event.
    • Download the b2match app in order to be able to join the event and have your meeting schedule always at hand. 


    5. On the day of the event 

    Check the latest version of your meeting schedule through the b2match platform or app and prepare for your meetings. Join the welcome briefing and make sure that you are online before your first 1:1 meeting. Respect the other participants' time and show up to all your meetings or cancel them early enough in advance to allow other participants to use the now available time slot. Press the START BUTTON in your profile to start your scheduled meeting.

    If due to unforeseen circumstances you cannot attend a meeting, please cancel or reschedule through the platform. This way, the other participant will be notified.

    Note: Download the "b2match" mobile app (iOS/Android) to* get access to your meeting schedule via your mobile phone* be informed about last-minute changes (bookings, cancellations)* manage additional meetings on-site (send/receive/confirm requests)

    Still Confused? Watch the video below:


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    Virtual, United States

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    United States 7
    Total 30


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    Service provider (design, engineering, IT) 8
    Government, Authority 2
    Agency, Association 2
    Other 2
    Total 30

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    Total 426